Our Junior Youth Group programs strive to create an environment for elementary and middle school students to grow in their Jewish identity. Our Junior Youth groups are split into two groups: 3-5 graders and 6-7 graders. Join us for social events every other month! 

For more information on Youth Department programs, contact our Youth Advisor Michaela Rollins at mrollins@templeshalomdallas.org.

SHFTY (Shalom Federation of Temple Youth)

8-12 Grades

NFTY-TOR (National Federation of Temple Youth-Texas OklahomaREGION)

9-12 Grades

Our SHFTY chapter of the URJ's National Federation of Temple youth strives to create an environment for high school students to grow as individuals in areas such as Jewish identity, social action and community involvement, teen issues, worship, and leadership skills. A peer board plans activities and governs the chapter. Join us for Blue Jean Shabbat "camp style"WORSHIP SERVICES and social events. Our students in grades 9-12 are eligible to join us for NFTY national as well as regional events where we gather with over 200 teens from across Texas and Oklahoma.

For more information on Youth DepartmentPROGRAMS, contact our Youth Advisor, Michaela Rollins, at mrollins@templeshalomdallas.org.