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Yom Sheini, 2 Tammuz 5777

For those Temple Shalom members in need......


Your Temple Shalom family is here for you. We invite you to contact us at caring@templeshalomdallas.org.

Caring Congregation can make a significant difference in the lives of others in times of an illness, a death, a birth or other life changing events.

If you or someone you know is ill, recovering from surgery, or homebound and would like a visitor, please let us know so we can help by contacting us.

For those able to help

Reach out to congregants in times of illness, death, birth in the family or other life changing events.  If you do not feel comfortable in these situations, but would still like to help, we will have ongoing educational opportunities for you to learn what to do and what to say.  We will be covering a wide range of topics.

There are many opportunities to serve: write cards to acknowledge life cycle events, make phone calls to congregants, give a member a ride to Temple, visit someone in a hospital, and much more.  What DID you or WOULD you most want from your Temple family if you were going through a tough time?  Bring those ideas  to our committee so that we can truly be a caring, compassionate congregation!  The more people we have who want to be involved, the more  we will be able to meet the needs of fellow Temple members who rely on us when they are hurting!  One day it could be us who needs the Caring Congregation!

Caring Congregation assistance:

  • Friendly Visitors - Members visit other members who would like some company- either in the hospital, home from the hospital or are grieving and want/need an ear to listen.
  • Post Hospital Phone and/or Card Follow-Up - Members call or write members of the congregation who have been hospitalized, once they return home,
  • Bereavement Phone and/or Card Follow-Up - Members call or write  congregants who have recently experienced a loss, either death or non-death related.
  • Transportation Assistance - Members provide occasional transportation (depending on availability of committee members) to members who need transportation to receive medical treatment.
  • Housesitting When There Is  a Funeral- Members will stay in the home of those attending a funeral, so the home is not vacant.
  • Provide Shiva trays- Members who are sitting Shiva often need food or paper goods, which we will help provide.
  • Caregivers' Relief - Members spend time with a patient, home-bound or in the hospital, providing relief to the caregiver so they can care for themselves.
  • Ongoing seminars- We provide these, on an ongoing basis, to help inform and educate all who are interested in learning how to become the most effective, caring and compassionate people they can be.

For more information about opportunities to serve or if you have any suggestions,  please e-mail us at caring@templeshalomdallas.org.