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If you are wondering about me and what I am all about let me give you a few details:

I am the Rabbi at Temple Shalom in Dallas, Texas and have been since August, 2004.

I am married to Deborah Niederman and have two children Molly and Sammy.

I am Buckeye by birth but a Texan at heart.


I was just thinking about the shootings in Colorado

on Sunday, 02 December 2012. Posted in Rabbi

(originally pasted July 30, 2012)

In the aftermath of the Aurora Colorado shootings, as was the case after Columbine, Virginia Tech, and many others, we revive, for a short time, a national conversation about why, about how and about what this tragic event even means in an existential sort of way. We come up with short lived solutions and blame this, that and the other group. Last month was no different. As writer Liel Lebovitz wrote recently, "...after a maniac shot up a packed movie theater in Colorado last week, the prognoses were quick to arrive: Ban guns. Don't ban guns, but ban assault rifles. Don' ban assault rifles. Ban violent movies. Don't ban violent movies. Ban midnight screenings of popular movies, don't ban midnight screenings of popular movies..." As you can see and have probably heard and read, there hasn't been a quality thoughtful response. Banning guns or banning anything for that matter is never really the thoughtful, long-term Jewish response.

I was just thinking about Greene Family Camp

on Sunday, 02 December 2012. Posted in Rabbi

(originally posted July 30, 2012)

A Rabbi's view of camp from the zip line!

The skies finally cleared after several nights of cloudy, rainy and otherwise dreadful weather to reveal spectacular stars. It was the perfect night for "faculty night zip-lining." As I awkwardly stepped into my harness and tightened the straps,I have to admit I was glad it was dark so no one could see the look on my face; one of, "Seriously, I am not so sure this will work." I climbed the stairs and got myself hooked in and secured to the line, when the very nice man at the top said, "ok...jump".

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