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Yom Shishi, 29 Sivan 5777


IMG 8256 Paley 150 wShalom Chaverim! Shalom Chaverim!

It is with a full heart and sheer excitement that I extend to you and your family greetings and well wishes on behalf of all of us at Temple Shalom.

Temple Shalom is a warm, loving and nurturing home for anyone interested in seeking connections with other people, with programs and projects in our community, with the deep and rich heritage of our people and, ultimately, with God. Our Temple seeks to enrich all of the lives of our family through the three historic aspects of synagogue life; a house of prayer, a house of study and a place for meaningful gathering.

Temple Shalom offers a full complement of worship opportunities. Shabbat morning services, young family services, as well as holiday and festival celebrations, are the hallmark of our continued effort to connect with others and with God.

We at Temple Shalom believe in enriching our lives through the active pursuit of learning, both as adults and as children. Our religious school, our Torah study, our opportunities for adult learning, and various other opportunities provide the entire family with exciting possibilities for deepening our knowledge of and love for things Jewish.

Perhaps, most significant is our diligence and pursuit of excellence in making Temple Shalom a place for meaningful gathering; where people can feel comfortable coming and just being; where all are welcome and where all are nurtured and treated with honor and respect. We know that Temple Shalom is an extension of one’s own home and we hope it can be for you as well.

In our continued effort to reach out and serve those who live in the greater Dallas area, we will actively be working on programs and possibilities for anyone interested in becoming a part of our family. We look forward to working together and to sharing the path towards a life of happiness, holiness, and fulfillment.


Andrew M. Paley
Senior Rabbi

Josh Goldman formal headshotWelcome to Temple Shalom!

Ask a member of the Temple Shalom community why they chose this congregation as their spiritual home and you will likely hear words such as caring, welcoming, connection, and inclusion. These words are descriptors of a community rooted in the values of Reform Judaism and reflect the efforts put forth to achieve our mission to inspire in our congregation an enduring relationship with God, Torah, Israel and the Jewish people through worship, study, gathering and community service.

Founded in 1965, Temple Shalom is a proud member of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ), the largest Jewish movement in North America, and we embrace the central tenets of the movement – social justice, deepening Jewish learning and experiences, connecting to Israel, and creating an inviting, diverse, and accepting community of Reform Jews and interfaith families.

Whether you are looking to enhance your worship experience, create lasting relationships with others, provide a strong educational base for your children or continue your own lifelong learning, or to work to improve the lives of others locally and across the world, Temple Shalom is the place for you.

We hope you will come add your voice, your laughter, and your energy to an already vibrant Reform Jewish environment. We welcome you to Temple Shalom and we look forward to sharing many simchas together for years to come.


Josh Goldman

Temple Shalom President

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Thank you for considering Temple Shalom as your congregation. Temple Shalom's Brotherhood has fun as well as providing crucial support to our Temple and to our Temple Youth Programs throughout the year.

Our Temple Shalom Brotherhood and the Men of Reform Judaism are partners in strengthening our ties, and our children's ties, to our Jewish heritage and traditions.

Some of the many activities our Brotherhood Members take the lead in include:

  • Providing ushers for High Holy Day and Shabbat worship services
  • Sponsoring Sunday morning breakfasts with interesting guest speakers
  • Sponsoring evening happy hours with topical guest speakers
  • Sponsoring the Temple Shalom spring and fall softball leagues
  • Operating a Fantasy Football league
  • Organizing Temple Shalom blood drives several times a year
  • Erecting the Temple Sukkah and sponsoring annual holiday dinners
  • Sponsoring the annual 2nd night Passover Seder
  • Providing manpower for other Temple projects throughout the year
  • Underwriting and staffing the annual religious school Purim Carnival
  • Funding and leading the Yom HaShoah Holocaust Memorial Candle Project
  • Funding youth scholarships

We invite every new male congregant of Temple Shalom to join the Brotherhood and help us grow even stronger through your involvement and support.

You are welcome to click here for more details about our Brotherhood.


Temple Shalom Sisterhood is a vital auxiliary to our Temple family.  Being a part of Sisterhood and Women of Reform Judaism, helps strengthen our congregation's families, our congregation and, I hope, your life. 

Your membership in and support of Sisterhood allows us to provide financial and volunteer assistance to Temple, community and youth.  In addition, the funds provide us an important voice in WRJ projects. This means that your membership dues, special event participation and patronage of our Traditions gift shop provide a more enriched experience in our Temple.  Sisterhood generously supports religious school, onegs, youth scholarships and leadership development.  This is just a small sample of what your support in Sisterhood can do.

On behalf of Temple Shalom Sisterhood, thank you again for considering joining our Temple and the women of our congregation in enriching the life of our community.

If you are a Temple Shalom member, please visit our Sisterhood page to view current and upcoming Sisterhood events and programs.

We Need You for the Future of Sisterhood.  Together We Can Move Mountains!

Temple Shalom Sisterhood is a member of the Women of Reform Judaism, The Federation of Temple Sisterhoods District #22, Texas/Oklahoma